Course Outline

Introduction to Amazon PPC

 Introduction to PPC and its objective –
 Types of Campaign (Sponsored Product, Brand & Display), their budgets and possible uses
 Types of Targeting and Match types
 Campaign Bidding Strategies and how it works.
 What is Negative targeting? (Exact/Phrase)
 Difference between Campaigns and Ad Groups
 Types of Placements, their impact on bids and their reflection on Amazon search results
 Understanding of KPIs (CTR, CPC, ACOS, ROAS, TACOS)

PPC Readiness

 Market and Niche analysis
 Keyword research through Helium 10 Cerebro
 Keyword Research through Brand Analytics SFR Reports
 Listing Content, use of keywords in title, bullets and description
 Keywords Density Checker
 Front End Optimization (Images, Content, EBC)
 Back End Optimization (Backend Search terms, Audience, Intended Use)
 How to use FRANKENSTEIN (Helium10) to optimize back-end search terms
 PDP Analysis (Review, Rating, Inventory, buy box and Price point)

Campaigns Setups

 Nomenclature of campaigns, ad groups
 How to setup sponsored products campaigns (Keyword & Product Targeting)
 How to setup sponsored brand campaigns (Brand, Store & Video Ads)
 How to setup sponsored display campaigns (Product Page & View-Remarketing)
 How to use Bulk file to setup campaigns
 How To Setup Keyword Targeting Campaign Through Bulk File.
 How To Setup Auto Targeting Campaign Through Bulk File.
 How to setup Product Targeting Campaign through Bulk file.

Campaigns Structure

 Portfolios and its uses for multi-products PPC campaigns
 Research Campaign: Broad Title keywords & Broad Single words
 Research Campaign: Other Language Keywords /Synonyms keywords
 Ranking Campaign: Super relevant long tail keywords
 Research Campaign: Category targeting with different combinations/filters
 Research Campaigns: Auto campaign with different match types & placements
 Research Campaigns: Auto campaign with low, moderate & high biddings
 Use of Negative Phrase/Exact in campaign setup to avoid duplicate targeting – Atif Ali/Group
 Ranking Campaigns: With exact match on Top keywords/individual keywords