Course Outline

Introduction to Amazon

 Introduction – Selling Models Overview, VA Scope Discussion, Seller Central Walk Through, Selling Challenges.

Product Research

 Tools Introduction
 Research Methods
 Product Evaluation_Part A
 Product Evaluation_Part B

Product Sourcing

 Price Point Analysis.
 Social Listening
 Product Sourcing
 Dummy Listing

Product Ranking

 Coupons and Deals
 Intro to PPC and Bidding Strategy
 PPC Campaign Setup
 PPC Mistakes

Introduction to Amazon PPC

 Introduction to PPC and its objective –
 Types of Campaign (Sponsored Product, Brand & Display), their budgets and possible uses
 Types of Targeting and Match types
 Campaign Bidding Strategies and how it works.
 What is Negative targeting? (Exact/Phrase)
 Difference between Campaigns and Ad Groups
 Types of Placements, their impact on bids and their reflection on Amazon search results
 Understanding of KPIs (CTR, CPC, ACOS, ROAS, TACOS)