Successful PPC(Automatic and Manual)

How We did it?

 Successful PPC(Automatic and Manual) Results:

Many PPC Results are coming soon. For Now, just look at these.
We started to work on one of our clients PPC Campaign in November 2020 and worked very hard throughout the month to make his campaign more profitable And the results of December 2020 are in front of you:
Guidelines for Newbie:

(1)Don’t make false commitments
(2)Do a complete audit of the account
(3)Check the competitor’s listings and accordingly take the decision
(4)Wisely use the Results of the Advertising Reports because all the money lies here

When we Hijacked Sales of my competitors. It was a enjoyable thing


How We did it?


This case study is about a product of Home and Improvement category. Client approached us in start of February, 2021 (already two months into the launch) and his total sales were 10-15 per day and he was still bleeding. His PPC was generating 5-7 orders per day and both organic and sponsored rankings were very bad.
Here is the Strategy we employed to increase sales and profit of client almost 700 %
PPC: When we took over his PPC I immediately discovered that client was running all type of campaigns i.e. Sponsored Products (both KW and ASIN targeting), Sponsored Brand, Video ads and Sponsored Display ads. Problem was not targeting the right KWs and not discovering the right bid.
Product images: Product images in organic and PPC conversion. If product main image is clear and giving a product attractive and eye catching look then for sure the product will get an edge and buyer will open your listing. So if your listing has good and explaining images your conversion rate will be higher. My client had perfect pictures so there was no problem there.
Product listing: Product listing is where all super relevant, relevant and secondary KWs extracted through Helium 10 and brand analytics go. Super relevant KW in title, relevant in bullet points, secondary in description and rest in backend. These KWs index product on amazon and further they need to be ranked through PPC. I conducted a through analysis of the listing and changed some of the backend KWs for better performance and it paid off.
Action Stage
Money making KeyWords: First and foremost was identifying the money giving KWs. I extensively did keyword research through paid tools as well as Brand Analytics. I also analyzed PPC advertisement reports and bulk file to get the most relevant KWs till lowest search volume.
Campaigns restructuring: I then paused some campaigns which were not converting and found the campaigns which were already targeting major KWs. Adjusted the bid according to competing products data from Helium 10 and boom they started giving off within few days. Second was running and optimizing Auto campaign and with continuous iterations of negative KW targeting bought its ACOS under my target ACOS. As ACOS was bought under target ACOS, this campaign went in profit. I also ran ASIN targeting campaigns and targeted those ASINs which were either high priced than our product or which had bad reviews as compared to our product. That also worked great.
My client’s daily orders jumped from 5-7 PER DAY TO 40+ PER DAY IN 12 DAYS (all praise to Almighty Allah). Below are some of the screen shots of his experience working with me.
Overall PPC Strategy
PPC strategy is different for different products. I employed aggressive strategy as I had that profit margin available to bid more. That worked for this product. Every
product is different and hence require different strategy. Handling multiple PPC accounts gives you an edge and definitely counts towards applying the correct strategy and getting required results more quickly.


MASSIVE PPC SUCCESS STORY £6,735.75 generated in just 41 days with £1052 SPENT​

How We did it?

MASSIVE PPC SUCCESS STORY £6,735.75 generated in just 41 days with £1052 SPENT
After some long and hardworking months of work and efforts. We got a combined multiple successful case-based launches and real results for the clients.
Spent : £1052 – 226k rs
Revenue : £6735 – 1.4m rs
Time Period : 41 days
Used some different techniques here for optimizing our PPC to make it VOMIT sales over and over again…
Used auto campaign and exact manual targeting
Used product targeting with keeping in mind two things…1) High relevant and high revenue product, high priced and low rating
Ofcourse made a proper running strategy when to go aggressive on which campaign type (Your account will have a different strategy suited to your needs)
Used all these combinations within 41 days and listing started vomiting sales.
Now we as BC students group of abdulrafay ashar and Muhammad asad are highly confident, we can launch and scale PPC campaigns and derive sales to your Amazon Business easily as we did for this client.
Anybody can ask anything below.

Magic Of PPC Techniques

How We did it?

 We want to share something and this is about a short ranking success story. So back in January we got a client from UK. She has launched her product in the start of January. So when she has explained to me about her product there were
no optimized listing
Her picture quality was so rough it seems like she has done it by herself
she was not running any kind of PPC.
Her honeymoon period was almost completed.
Profit margin was low because sourcing wasn’t done perfectly. Niche was so competitive and price was high as compared to the other sellers.
We’ve suggested her that we should start with listing optimization. For this purpose we need to click good images and we have to do back end optimization as well.
In listing creation we have to target the keywords and we have to check other competitor’s listing quality. Here We will thank Bilal Khichi who helped me doing our best keyword research to use it in your listings title, bullets and backend fields.
So for product photography she has shipped a sample to me. We have done the photography by myself and also created the video of the product. So after optimizing whole listing We have started PPC 
When my client made a discussion with amazon representative they said that our listing is wonderfully optimized.
We all know that an optimized listing is the main thing that can make our PPC work well. Anyhow, Under the super vision of Mir Waleedr and Raheel Khan BC PL Student, We have started PPC in the very first week of February. As price was high and profit margin was not so good so we don’t have much space so that we can play with PPC and rank our product.
We have started with auto campaign and ASIN targeting first. Auto campaign was not working good like we have Acos of 70 but Asin targeting was performing good for us. After this We have worked on Asin Targeting and stopped auto campaign after working for one week.
We have run phrase, broad and exact match campaigns. Here the Acos of broad was exceeding so We have stopped that also. But the exact matching was showing results. As niche was so competitive and we were just getting sales from one keyword that was main and broad one so we have targeted that keyword.
In the first month we have generated a good sale of 5 to 6 units a day some of them were organic and 50% were PPC. In the end of February we have increased the price of product and work on exact matching campaign along with this we have targeted top of the search of placements and we have increased that upto 150%. We have just targeted that very keyword because that was performing good for us. In short we have run different PPC strategies and we got the results by the start of March & we started gaining the sales velocity.
We have survived high competitive niche and our daily sale is 10 to 13 in which 60% is PPC and 40% is organic sales. . In March we have started video PPC. And Acos of our Video PPC is 25 to 26% and it’s working very well for us. Now we are running video PPC and exact match campaign who’s Acos is 30 to 35%. Our achievement here was we have survived in the high competitive niche.
We are top ranked on some small keywords. Budget was low so we have to rank the product under the given budget which we have done smoothly. We got the avg daily sales near about 10 to 12 units through PPC and some of them were organic as well.
Client was happy (which is our main priority to make our client satisfy) that now she is getting what she has planned for. Now we have stopped working on the product but if she will again want us to work We will work on new strategies of ranking. This success was due to our strong listing optimization and secondly our strategic and hard work on the PPC campaign.
Now we are as a team together and providing services related to PL.


How We did it?


These are the PPC results after 1 week of Blood-less Launch

Since, many clients doesn’t believe in giveaways and PM, they prefer to rank organically with the push of PPC

So, the question arises how to rank slowly with PPC only?

That’s only do-able if you have did your Keyword Research right. Most of the time people get their keyword research done on the basis of Search Volume. That’s not gonna work for bloodless launches.

Give at least 15-20 hours to keyword research for a single product if you’re thinking of bloodless launch
Listing should be super-optimized ( not a thing to mention )
RELEVANCY is the key in the eyes of Amazon. Target those keywords with less SV but more relevancy
Arrange your KWs into Primary, Secondary and Somewhat relevant groups and make PPC campaigns accordingly
Don’t categorize campaigns into Ad groups rather Launch different ad groups and campaigns for maximum monitoring!